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18th Sighting: THE NEW 'BEATLE' or BEETLE sighting. (extract taken from the book - I SAW HIM STANDING THERE - Mike Powell


'This sighting occurred in May 1993. there was no song to come out of this sighting, but a strange 'sighting' nonetheless that is worth noting for posterity. I woke up and looked at the foot of my bed. I saw an old Volkswagen Beetle with its rear window removed. I was looking into the back of the car and could clearly see John sitting in the back right hand seat. Next to him was Paul McCartney, on the left. In front on the left hand side, driving, was Ringo Starr. George Harrison was the front seat passenger. It was raining and dark. A car passed in the opposite direction, on the wrong side of the road, i.e. the left hand side. The mood in the car was upbeat, and they were having a laugh between themselves. As the car passed.  John visibly leaned forward and put his hand right across Ringo, towards the oncoming car and said, 'There's the new Beetle'. Then everyone howled with laughter.


I was so totally convinced that there was going to be a new Beetle produced that I phoned Milton Keynes and and asked to speak to the UK Marketing Director. He was away until the following day. So I called again and spoke to him. His name was Paul Buckett and he flatly denied there was going to be a new Volkswagen Beetle produced. He asked me, why the interest? i told him what I had just seen and how music was coming from John Lennon to me, within the various sightings, and his reaction was incredible. He said, 'I am the biggest John Lennon fan on the planet, I'd love to hear your songs and if they really do stack up, I will put it to the Board, and maybe we can use one of your songs on one of our adverts'. I sent a cassette tape with some of the songs to him and he promised he would play it to the Board. One week later I awoke to the alarm clock and found a radio 4 programme was on and the subject they were discussing? There was talk of a new Volkswagen being produced, similar to VW's most famous car, the people's car, The Beetle. Again, on the programme, the spokesman for VW denied that there was to be a new car. Some weeks later, I chased up the Marketing Director, who told me that the board did not wish to use any of the songs, but asked me to keep in touch with him. THE NEW BEETLE WAS PRODUCED THE FOLLOWING YEAR




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